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Your Halloween Graveyard
For true Halloween enthusiasts, a spooky looking old Halloween graveyard is the highlight and centerpiece of all outdoor or even indoor Halloween decorations. But building a realistic looking Halloween graveyard can get expensive, but once bought, you have it forever. To help spread out the cost, you can start small and add-on a little more every year, making it bigger and better.

For detailed information on constructing a Halloween Graveyard
or Halloween Cemetery, visit the
Halloween Graveyard website.

Graveyard Fence and Entranceway
A Halloween graveyard without a spooky old fence surrounding it is like a pumpkin patch with no pumpkins. The classic type of fence is the gothic style wrought iron fence, but the real thing is very expensive. The trick is to create a fence that looks realistic, but has a low cost and can be stored easily. There are two ways to go, you can build your own fence or buy one. Below is one example of a store bought Halloween fence.

Gothic Style Fence
Halloween Decorations - Graveyard FenceIf you don't have the time, tools, skill or energy to build your own cemetery fence, there is an off the shelf solution available. The "Cemetery Fence Halloween Prop" is a plastic cemetery fence that is an easy way to make your front yard look like a graveyard. Use it to enclose a border around a cemetery, haunted house scene or even indoors for a Halloween party or for those that don't have a yard.

A single package includes two separate fence sections, each measuring roughly eighteen inches wide by thirty inches high for a total of thirty-six inches in length. These individual sections snap together easily so that you can create a fence just about any shape and size you want. Each set retails for around $20.00

Halloween Decorations - Cemetery ArchwayWe assembled a wonderful fifteen foot wide by nine foot deep Halloween graveyard using fifteen sets of these Halloween decorations. We used five sets for the back, three sets for each side and four sets for the front, which left an opening for the entrance way.

You can even build a small graveyard for indoor use using as few as eight sections. This is great for creating an indoor centerpiece as one of your main Halloween decorations for a Halloween party.

For simulating the ground, we first cut a piece of inexpensive brown colored carpet to the shape of the inside of the fence and laid it on the floor. Then spread either Spanish Moss or decorative wood chips over the top of it. Artificial vines can be intertwined in the fencing to add realism. Black felt or Creepy Cloth can be hung on the wall behind the graveyard scene to add to the atmosphere.

Graveyard Entrance
Every Halloween cemetery needs an entrance way for authenticity, even if you don't intend to let people enter it.  For ours, we used the "Collapsing Cemetery Archway" Halloween decoration, because of its spooky design and low cost compared to other Halloween entry ways.

The set includes a painted “cemetery” sign and two columns. The columns are made from a wire frame, covered with a non-woven painted fabric, allowing it to collapse for easy storage. Assembled, this great Halloween decoration measures five-foot nine inches wide by seven-foot ten inches tall. Can be used indoors or outdoors.

Halloween Tombstones
Halloween Decorations - TombstonesThe first step to creating an impressive Halloween graveyard is to use as many tombstones as you can and are practical for the space you have set aside for your display. Don't overload the scene with too many! For a small graveyard scene we only use three to five tombstones.

Try to buy better quality tombstones of different styles if you can, they look much more realistic than less expensive ones and will last longer since they can take more abuse.

Outdoors, use dirt to make burial mounds where your tombstones will be. If you have a supply of dirt, you can build up three to six inch high mounds in front of some of the tombstones. Just remember, you'll need to remove all that extra dirt after Halloween.

As a final touch, you can scatter leaves, twigs and branches around the area to give it an untended look. For an indoor cemetery, you can spread Spanish Moss around the base of the gravestones.

For lots of tips and ideas for using gravestones visit the Halloween Tombstones website.

There are many types of Halloween decorations that be used to make your graveyard look even spookier. Below are a few that we use.

Spider Webs
Using those white stretchable spider webs that come in a bag are a great way to enhance the look of the scene, but can be a bit difficult to work with. Add just a very thin veil over the Halloween decorations inside the fence.

Check out this great article that shows how to use Stretchable Spider Webs. Once the fake spider web is up, add some small, light-weight plastic spiders to it.

Perching a fake raven, crow or owl on the fence or a tombstone looks great. You can use tape or twist ties to attach them to the fence or perch one on a tombstone. These artificial birds can usually be bought at craft stores during October.

Halloween Lighting & Effects
Halloween Graveyard LightsFor an eerie effect illuminate your graveyard with blue or green lights. We think blue light looks ghostly, while green light looks more ghoulish.

For small areas or to illuminate particular Halloween decorations or props, we use colored fluorescent FEIT Party Light bulb's (twist type) mounted in parabolic clamp-on shop lights and direct the light either from above and down onto the scene or at ground level outward depending on the effect we want to create.

FEIT Party Light bulbs are available in a variety of colors and can be purchased at your local hardware store. For larger areas or where we need more light, we use colored halogen flood light bulbs. These produce a lot more light, but also get a lot hotter.

Halloween Sound Effects
Halloween MusicWe use one or more portable CD players, set on continuous play, to add background music and a variety of sound effects to our Halloween graveyard to enhance the atmosphere.

There's a large selection of Halloween related sound effect CD's available that have spooky outdoor type sounds suitable for a graveyard.

You can even use your computer to create your own custom CD's. Check out the Halloween Graveyard website for more graveyard music and sound effects suggestions.


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