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Eerie Window Halloween Decorations
The windows of a house are its eyes and should not be left out when decorating for Halloween.

Creepy Cloth
Try out some creepy Halloween cloth! This type of material has been used in haunted attractions for years. This distressed, tattered, torn and shredded looking cloth can make your home look deserted and dilapidated. You can find it at most mass retailers during Halloween season.

There are several brand names for this type of material including Freaky Fabric, Spooky Cloth and Creepy Cloth. The material used for this cloth is typically a thin, gauze-like fabric that is made to look old and distressed. Colors available are off white, black and green. You can easily cut it with scissors or tear it by hand to create the look you want.

In addition to hanging it on your windows, you can also hang it over doorways, in the corners of the room from the ceiling or drape it over your furniture. To attach simply use thumb tacks, but try to find tacks with heads that match the color of the cloth so they will blend in. Most of these materials are flame retardant, but be sure to check the package before purchasing to confirm that it is.

Halloween Window Clings
Creepy Halloween window coverings such as those shown to the right are  a popular way to decorate your house and creep-out your visitors. These creepy static window clings measure a full thirty-six inches wide and sixty inches tall and can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit your window.

At night your interior house lights will illuminate the translucent poster from behind for a unique night effect. During the day sunlight illuminates from the outside for a day effect. These full-color translucent poly-film poster covers have removable corner stick adhesive squares for easy poster-to-glass hanging. These windows covers are available in a variety of spooky styles.

Boarded Up Windows
The effect of boarded up windows gives the appearance of a deserted, dilapidated and possibly haunted building. There are two options for creating this look.

First are the "Creepy Boarded Window" Halloween decorations. These two props, each with its own ominous wording, allows you to add an creepy look to the outside of your house in just minutes. Both of these Halloween decorations are made from PVC and gauze, constructed for light weight and easy hanging. Each retails for around $33.99

The second option would be to build your own "boarded-up window" props.


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