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Halloween Decorating Basics
Below are just a few things to consider when making your Halloween decorating plans.

Create a Halloween Decorating Plan
Planning how you will decorate for Halloween this year well in advance will help make things go much smoother for you and your family. One of the most important things to remember when planning a themed based Halloween is to try to be consistent with your Halloween decorations and props.

The best way is to use a notebook to make lists and draw diagrams of what your haunt will contain and what you want it to look like.

The basics include drawing a blue print or map of your yard and how you want to decorate it. Next, a shopping list of Halloween decorations and props you want to add this year and lastly a check list to use while putting up your decorations.

Create a Halloween decorating budget to set a side a little bit of money each month to buy your Halloween decorations and props with. Be sure and save some of your Halloween spending money for those day after Halloween sales! You can pick up all kinds of things that you'll be able to use next year at discounted prices!

Having a particular Halloween theme is a great way to set a specific mood for your trick or treaters.

Start putting up your Halloween decorations early! Most people lead pretty busy lives and it's so easy to wait until the last minute, thinking you will have enough time, then bam, something happens to get in the way of your well thought out plans.

Try to put up the more weather resistant decorations first just in case bad weather rolls in.

Always Think Safety
Halloween Decorating SafetyWalk the route that your visitors will travel on your property and look for any obstacles or possible dangers they might encounter. If you have porch steps, make sure they are easy to navigate and well lit for your trick or treat guests and are not wet or slippery.

You can use jack-o-lanterns to light the stairs. Put a high intensity glow stick inside for light.

If you are having a yard haunt for the neighborhood to see, it's a good idea to check with your insurance company to make sure you're home owners insurance covers you should there be an accident.

Never leave the lights or any lighted Halloween decorations plugged in when you leave the house. Be sure to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. Make sure that plugs plugged into outlets and/or extension cords are plugged in safely. Always have one or more a fire extinguisher handy during the holidays just in case.

For lots of safety related information and tips visit the Halloween Safety website.

Packing and Storing Your Halloween Decorations
Packing and Storing Your Halloween DecorationsWhen ever possible, try to keep the original boxes your Halloween decorations came in. Cardboard moving and storage boxes work well for storing your Halloween decorations. Plastic storage containers have the advantage that they are available in transparent plastic so that you can also see what's inside and are more resistant to moisture, but also cost more.

Product manuals, instruction sheets and spare parts should be stored inside of zip-lok bags to prevent them from being damaged. Expensive costumes can be placed in extra large zip-lok bags or plastic garment bags before being stored.

Tissue paper, bubble wrap and/or foam chips can be used to protect items that are breakable. Beware of using newspaper as the ink can transfer onto the item wrapped in it. When stacking your boxes, try to make stacks of similar sized containers, starting with heavy boxes on bottom and working up to light boxes at the top. Use a large permanent marker or printed labels to list the contents of your Halloween storage boxes.

For more info visit the Halloween Online's decorations section.



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